Youth Programs

We support and offer various programs designed specifically to educate, train and employ students in resource management and environmental stewardship. Find out what opportunities and experiences are available for local youth.

Wetland Field Day

This is an annual, day-long event for local Grade 4 students to learn about the value and importance of wetlands in contributing to a healthy environment and ecosystem. Various community partners provide hands-on activities and demonstrations that introduce students to the various functions performed by wetlands, including water purification and the provision of habitat. To learn more about this event, click here to access the 2012 ‘Wonders of Wetlands’ Final Report.

Outdoor Programs at NHHS

We support two different four-credit, outdoor education programs offered at North Hastings High School (NHHS) – the Northern Outdoor Studies (NOS) program and the Northern Environmental Research & Development Studies (NERDS) program. Both courses provide practical, hands-on learning experiences and certifications in resource management fields that prepare students for direct entry into the workforce or future educational training. For more info, visit and look under ‘Experiential Learning’.

Rod Malloy Memorial Award

Rod Malloy was a founding member and longtime Chair of the Council who believed in investing in youth in our community. This bursary award was renamed in his honor, and is presented annually to recognize the hard work and dedication of the top students in each of the NOS and NERDS programs at NHHS. Congratulations to all of the past recipients!

Stewardship Youth Ranger Program

This is a summer work experience program offered in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources that provides hands-on work experience and skills training in various fields of natural resource management. For more information, click here to visit the OMNR Youth Programs website.